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123 HP Printer Services

We solve your 123hp printer setup query and fix your 123 hp printer issues regarding your printers. We assist you with any technical help for 123 hp printer setup driver. We are an experienced Technical team, who will help you through to fix with the hp printer. printer setup and install


HP Envy printers are compact models designed for home and small business. Our experts provide technical advice to setup your printer models. We assist you from unboxing 123 hp printer, and updating the hp firmware of 123 HP Setup Envy printer support.

123 hp com/officejet printer setup


HP Officejet printers are designed for both home and office purpose. These can be used for medium business. Most of the HP Officejet Printers are all-in-one multi function printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and wireless protected setup. pro setup and install


HP Officejet pro printers are also similar to Officejet printers but are advanced and can be used for larger business also. We also provide technical support for this type of setup pro printer setup, connectivity, software/driver update, etc. printer setup and install


HP DeskJet printers are cheaper and compact in size. These were exclusively launched by HP for home purpose. Now, these are also used for small business. Our experts provide assistance for printers setup, install, wireless protected setup and drivers also.

Most problem we fix

There are some common problems occur with 123 hp printer irrespective of the brand and the Printer model. In HP also, there are some common problems that occur with almost all the models. Our experts have solved these problems many times and these are the most handled ones. Our experts also provide proper advice/suggestion to resist the problem in future after the fix. Such few problems are:

  • 123 HP Printer Wireless connection – First Time connection
  • Stability of the 123 HP Printer connection
  • ePrint setup and printer troubleshoot
  • AirPrint – Printer Connection error and Printer not found
  • 123 HP Software/Driver updates and troubleshooting
  • HP Firmware up-gradation

List of Printer Issues

Every machine has its wear and tear time. 123 HP printers also have their time and almost every model throw up an error message periodically. Some of the common repeated error categories are as follows:

  • 123 HP Printer Setup and installations
  • HP Printer Printing
  • 123 HP Printer Wireless connection
  • Ink or toner, Paper jam
  • HP Printer Scan
  • Error message
  • HP Printer Fax
  • HP Printer Copy
  • 123 HP Software and apps from

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Setup and installation:

This Setup guide includes the first time printer setup of 123 hp printers. Connect multiple devices by installing 123 hp Software/Driver installation.


This section includes the errors that occur during printing and the options to change the default print settings and printing quality.

Wireless connection:

This includes the basic setup of the wireless network and the errors that occur due to printer connectivity. This also includes all the errors occurring with ePrint, AirPrint, cloud print and mobile print (Webservices)


This includes the basic Scan setup and Saving the file. It also includes the common error “Scanner not found”.


This includes the settings for basic hp fax setup and the basic installation. It also includes the errors that occur during faxing.


This includes the settings for basic 123 hp printer copy setup and copy settings of printers.

Software and apps:

This includes the common errors that occur during 123hp setup software up-gradation or All-In-One Application installation (AiO).

Error message:

There are some common error messages which appear during the basic 123 hp printer setup process and during the 123 hp software upgradation. This section deals with such error message.

Ink or toner, Paper jam:

This section includes the errors that occur due to Ink cartridge refill, installing a new cartridge, replacing with a new cartridge. This also includes the errors that occur due to the paper jam and paper alignment.

Why Choose 123 HP Support ?

Professional Staff :

123 HP support provides professional guidance and support. Our experts are trained to give professional guidance and help the user with their situation. We have a team of experts to provide support to our user.

Quick Responce :

We provide immediate response to our users and concentrate on each and every query of our customers. We respond as quickly as possible and never make our customers wait. We always analyze your queries and resolve the issue at the earliest.

Essential Solution :

We always aim at the most perfect and best solution than a one-time solution. We try our best to provide the best solution for our customers and we aim at the most perfect solution. printer install support

Elegant Approach: is provide solution for All Home, Office, Home Office, Business, Enterprise, Technical, Photography and Graphics purpose of HP Printers Provide Solutions For ?

Wireless Setup

123 HP support provides technical assistance on wireless setup and errors. We also help the user to connect their printer wireless to the device and connect the printer to the home network. We also assist to maintain a stable wireless connection with the printer.

Airprint Setup

AirPrint is the option provided by HP exclusively for connecting any apple device. We provide assistance and troubleshooting for any error that occur during AirPrint setup and printing process. We help with increasing the quality of the connection to your apple devices.

Cloud print Setup

Cloud print is an option to connect your Google cloud directly to your hp printer. Print document or photo from any of your device that is connected to the wireless network. Our experts help you with print setting up the cloud account and cloud print setup.

ePrint Setup

ePrint is an option to print any document directly by sending mail to printer. Technical experts help customer to set up a personalized email address for 123 hp printer, and connecting it to wireless network.

123 HP Printer Wireless Setup

123 HP Wireless Setup wizard

Any HP printer can be connected wireless to a network. 123 HP Support provides an auto-run Wireless wizard to setup the HP printer by download. Sometimes, this wireless Setup Wizard throws a message and prevents auto installation. These errors are mostly “Printer not found” or inconsistent wireless connection. Technical experts help users to solve printer issues, and connect the printer to the wireless network or to the device wireless.

123 HP Wireless Protected Setup

The HP printers can also be connected to the device with a specific password. This protects the device from connecting to a new device or unknown device. Our experts can help you with the basic Wireless printer setup, Wireless Printer Installation, Wireless Protected Setup, and Wireless Printing. will also provide necessary guidance to correct future wireless connection and printer issues. This also has the common error of “Printer not found” or “Printer is offline”.

123 HP Auto Wireless Connect

After connecting the 123 HP printer to a wireless connection, Auto Connect can be enabled with software. HP auto wireless connection enables the printer to connect to a specified wireless connection whenever it is turned on. If this feature is not enabled, the printer has to be connected to the wireless network every time it turns on. Our experts provide assistance to download the required software and connect to a specific wireless network.

123 HP Connect using USB

HP printer can be connected wired to the device using USB cable. This is the basic setup for a printer. USB can be connected to the device and can be used for 123 HP printer where wireless network is not available. This also requires a basic driver installation to the device which is connected wired to the device. Our experts help with the basic driver installation and also with the errors that occur during this installation.

Provide platform support?


123 HP support provides technical assistance for all printer devices. Which supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 10 operating systems. 123 HP Support provides easy assistance to connect printer device wired or wireless to the 123 hp printer. We also provide assistance with other functions like Scanning, Copying and Faxing with various windows version.


Our experts provide assistance for any query related to MAC OS and HP printer. We provide assistance on printer connectivity, printing, scanning, faxing and copying. We help you on HP printer which is connected to any for mac, Apple device. We also provide complete technical support for Airprint feature with Apple devices.


We also provide technical support for connecting the printer to any smartphone and connecting the iPhone to setup printer. We also provide Mobile App assistance to Fix errors that occur during app installation or 123 hp printer setup driver download.


Some people love reading books and now with vast technology available most of the people use Kindle device. Our experts also provide assistance for connecting the kindle device to your HP printer. We also provide assistance for basic setup to print any page directly from Kindle device.

Instructions for HP Printer Setting

Common Instruction for HP Printer Duplex printing

Most of the HP printers come with Duplex printing. When the user tries to print a file, some models opt for duplex printing (printing on both sides). When this option is not included, the user can follow the below instructions to print on both sides of the paper.

  • Step 1: Open the document you want to print. Click File then print or press Windows + P.
  • Step 2: Select the name of the printer and click Preferences or Properties.
  • Step 3: Find “Print on both sides” or “Two-sided printing” option.
  • Step 4: Click Ok. If the printer supports duplex printing option, the printer will pull printed page back in and print the second side automatically.
  • Step 5: If not, load the printed first side pages back into the main input tray.
  • Step 6: Click Ok and the other side of the page prints on the empty side.
Common Instruction for HP Printer Ink Cartridge Installation

The following are the common steps for installing a new cartridge or replacing the old cartridge from HP printer.

  • Step 1: Turn the 123 HP printer ON and open the cartridge access door.
  • Step 2: Wait till the ink cartridge rests and is silent remove the plastic tape from the new cartridge.
  • Step 3: Carefully hold the cartridge and remove it from the slot. Place the new cartridge into the slot and slide or press it until it fits in.
  • Step 4: Close the cartridge door and print a test page.

(The 123 HP Printer will print the alignment page automatically. If not print the alignment page manually).

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